Jamaican American Athletic Development, Inc. (JAMAAD) is a  U.S.  nonprofit organization on a mission to help Jamaica’s at risk youth gain access to opportunities for advancement through American sports.


Championing the dreams of youth through sports

Jamaica's Youth Problem

One of Jamaica’s most vulnerable population is young people, of which a third of the male youth population is at-risk, i.e., illiterate, out of school, unemployed, and not participating in any training program.  Though Jamaican youth are extremely athletic, the opportunities to use sports to rise out of poverty are very limited compared to the available talent pool.

Our organization provides coaching certification, coaching, sports equipment, gear, and infrastructure development to Jamaican public schools to allow students to participate in American Football, baseball and basketball.  Through our program, Jamaica’s at-risk youth can develop the athletic skills needed to successfully compete for athletic scholarships abroad. 

American Sports a Solution

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